Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Rear Compartment Storage Bins
Your vehicle may be equipped with open storage bins
located in each rear trim panel or your vehicle may be
equipped with storage bins located under the armrest in
each rear trim panel.
Cargo/Tub Nets
Two cargo/tub nets are available on vehicles equipped
with Fold-in-Floor Seating. The cargo nets fit in the
second row storage bin and the third row tub. The nets
are supported by hooks located in these areas. Refer to
instructions provided in the net kit.
Cargo Area Storage
The seats in your vehicle are in-line which enables you to
stow long objects, such as lumber or skis, on the floor
without moving the seats.
NOTE: With all rear seat backs folded, a 4x8 foot sheet
of building material may be stored in the long-wheelbase
body style on top of the folded seats with the liftgate
closed. The front seats must be moved slightly forward of
the rearmost position. If the rear seats are removed no
front seat adjustment is needed and more than one 4x8
sheet of building material may be stored.
The liftgate sill plate has a raised line with the statement
Load To This Line. This line indicates how far rearward
cargo can be placed without interfering with liftgate