Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

The Rear Automatic Temperature Control System is
located in the headliner near the center of the vehicle.
Operation of the rear system is quite simple. Begin by
rotating the rear system center control knob on the front
ATC control unit to the REAR CONTROLposition, this
illuminates an UNLOCK symbol in the rear display.
Next, rotate the Rear Blower Control and the Rear Mode
Control to the AUTO positions. Select the temperature
you would like the system to maintain by pressing the
Rear Temperature Control button. Once the desired tem-
perature is displayed, the system will achieve and main-
tain that comfort level automatically. When the system is
set up for your comfort level, it is not necessary to change
the settings. You will experience the greatest efficiency by
simply allowing the system to function automatically.
It is not necessary to move the temperature settings for
cold or hot vehicles. The system automatically adjusts
the temperature, mode and fan speed to provide
comfort as quickly as possible.
The temperature can be displayed in U.S. or Metric by
selecting the US/M customer programmable feature.
Refer to the Overhead Console-Customer Program-
mable Features in Section 3 of this manual.
Rear Automatic Temperature Control