Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Driving with the 2nd-row seats in the tumbled position is
not recommended when passengers occupy the 3rd row
seats. This position is intended only to increase available
cargo area without requiring removal of the seats.
Do not leave the head restraint stored between the
cushions for extended periods of time or inadvertent
damage to the seat cover or head restraint may occur.
3. Additional Storage
The 2nd row seats are installed in the middle seating
position. Either or both of the rear seats are removed
from the vehicle.
4. Auxiliary Seating
The 2nd row seats are removed from the vehicle. Then
the third row seats can be installed in either the rear or
middle seat position.
If the seat is not occupied, the seatback can be folded
forward to obtain additional cargo space. To fold the
seatback forward, pull the handle labeled 1 located
behind the seat on the passenger side.
The seatback will latch in the folded position. To assure
the seatback is latched in the folded position, additional
downward pressure on the seatback may be required
when folding.
The same lever is used to return the seatback to the
upright position.
NOTE: The head restraints are removable, if needed. To
remove them, press the release tab on the right side of the
base of the head restraint.