Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Interior light Defeat (OFF)
Rotate the dimmer control to the
OFF position (extreme bottom).
The interior lights will remain off
when the doors or liftgate are
Parade Mode (Daytime Brightness Feature)
Rotate the dimmer control to the
first detent. This feature brightens
the odometer, radio and overhead
displays when the park lights or
headlights are on.
Automatic Headlights If Equipped
This system automatically turns
your headlights ON or OFF based
on ambient light levels. To turn
the system ON, turn the headlight
switch to the extreme counter-
clockwise position. When the sys-
tem is ON, the Headlight Time
Delay feature is also ON. This
means your headlights will stay
ON for up to 90 seconds after you turn the ignition
switch OFF. To turn the Automatic System OFF, turn the
headlight switch clockwise to the OFF position.
NOTE: The engine must be running before the head-
lights will come ON in the Automatic mode.