Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Program Button 5
Press this button to play the previous disc.
Time Button
Press this button to switch between time of day and CD
track time.
Changing Modes
While in the radio mode, if a cassette is loaded, press the
Mode button to switch to the tape mode. If a CD is
loaded, press the Mode button to select the CD mode. If
neither a tape nor CD is loaded, the radio will ignore the
Inserting either a tape or CD automatically starts that
mode of play.
Pressing the AM/FM button while in the tape or CD
mode will select the radio mode.
If in the CD mode and the last CD is ejected, the radio
will tune to the last station selected.
Removing Discs from the CD Changer
If there is a single CD in the changer, press the EJT button
and the CD will eject. If the CD is not removed within 15
seconds, it will automatically reload into the CD changer.
To eject additional CDs from the changer, first select the
numbered button where the CD is located and then press
the EJT button.
CD Changer Operation with the Changer Off
The CD changer is able to load and eject discs with the
ignition power off. However, while the ignition is off, one
of the six numbered buttons must be pressed first.
The Rear Seat Audio/Video System allows passengers to
listen to a CD or DVD from the 6 disc CD/DVD changer
through wireless headphones, while the front seat pas-
sengers listen to either AM/FM, Cassette or CDs from the
radio speakers. A remote control is provided for func-
tions such as changing tracks or DVD functions, as well