Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Soak the drawer, with the drawer front facing up, in a
mixture of medium hot tap water and one teaspoon of
mild liquid dish soap. Let soak for approximately one
hour. After one hour pull the drawer from the water and
dip it back into the water about six times. This will loosen
any remaining debris. Rinse the drawer thoroughly un-
der warm running water. Shake the excess water from the
drawer and dry the outer surfaces with a clean soft cloth.
Let the drawer sit in a dish drainer overnight to allow the
inside mechanism to dry.
Align the drawer so the plastic tracks on the drawer fit
into the steel retainer in the instrument panel. Push the
drawer forward. You may want to cycle the drawer open
and closed a few times to ensure proper operation.
An Integrated Power Module is located in the engine
compartment near the battery. This center contains maxi
fuses, mini fuses and relays. A label that identifies each
component is printed on the inside of the cover.
Integrated Power module (IPM)