Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Rear Washer Operation Manual Temperature
Control Only
The controls are located on the Manual Tempera-
ture Control head above the front blower control.
Press and hold the button for as long as spray is
desired. If the button is depressed and held while the
Intermittent wiper is on, the wiper will operated for a few
seconds after the button is released, then resume inter-
mittent operation. If the button was pressed and held
when the intermittent wiper is off, the wiper will operate
for two cycles, then turn off. The LED will not illuminate
when Washer is selected and Intermittent is OFF.
NOTE: The washer will stop spraying if the switch is
pressed longer than 10 seconds.
Vehicles equipped with Automatic Temperature Control,
the controls for these features are located in the middle of
the instrument panel above the radio.
Rear Wiper Operation Automatic Temperature
Control Only
Press this button to have the rear wiper have a
continuous wipe. When the ignition switch is in the
ON/RUN position, the rear wiper switch position as well
as an indicator light will show that the wiper is ON.
Rear Window Wiper/Washer Controls