Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

6. These locations are on the sill flange of the body and
consist of a pair of downstanding tabs. The jack is to be
located, engaging the flange, between the pair of tabs
closest to the wheel to be changed. Place the wrench on
the jack screw and turn to the right until the jack head is
properly engaged in the described location. Do not raise
the vehicle until you are sure the jack is securely
7. Raise the vehicle by turning the jack screw to the right,
using the swivel wrench. Raise the vehicle only until the
tire just clears the surface and enough clearance is
obtained to install the spare tire. Minimum tire lift
provides maximum stability.
Raising the vehicle higher than necessary can make
the vehicle less stable. It could slip off the jack and
hurt someone near it. Raise the vehicle only enough
to remove the tire.
8. Remove the wheel lug nuts, for vehicles with wheel
covers, remove the cover from the wheel by hand. Do not
pry the wheel cover off. Then pull the wheel off the hub.
9. Install the compact spare tire. Lightly tighten the lug
nuts. To avoid the risk of forcing the vehicle off the jack,
do not tighten the lug nuts fully until the vehicle has been
NOTE: Do not install the wheel cover on the compact
Do not use a hammer or force to install the wheel covers.