Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

To move the cross bars, loosen the thumb screws located
at the upper edge of each cross bar approximately six
turns, then move the cross bar to the desired position.
Once the cross bar is in place, retighten the thumb screws
to lock the cross bar into position.
Attempt to move the crossbar again to ensure that it has
properly locked into position.
NOTE: To help control wind noise when installing the
cross bars make sure that the arrows marked on the front
side of the cross bars are facing the front of the vehicle.
Also, when the cross bars are not in use the notch on the
cross bars should be aligned with the arrows on the side
rails. This will help reduce the amount of wind noise
when the crossbars are not in use.
The tie down holes on the cross bar ends should always
be used to tie down the load. Check the straps frequently
to be sure that the load remains securely attached.
To avoid damage to the roof rack and vehicle, do
not exceed the maximum roof rack load capacity
of 68 kg (150 lbs). Always distribute heavy loads
as evenly as possible and secure the load appro-
Long loads which extend over the windshield,
such as wood panels or surfboards, or loads with
large frontal area should be secured to both the
front and rear of the vehicle.
Travel at reduced speeds and turn corners care-
fully when carrying large or heavy loads on the
roof rack. Wind forces, due to natural causes or
nearby truck traffic, can add sudden upward
loads. This is especially true on large flat loads
and may result in damage to the cargo or your