Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

4. Auxiliary Seating
The middle quad seats are removed from the vehicle. The
3 passenger bench seat can be installed in either the
second or third row.
Rear Quad and 50/50 Seating Flexibility
The seats may be used with either or both seatbacks
folded forward for additional storage space, or with
either or both seats removed from the vehicle. Both 50/50
seats may also be moved to the 2nd row seating position
when the middle quad seats are removed.
1. Normal Seating
The 2nd and 3rd row seats are installed. Both seatbacks
are in the upright position.
2. Increased Storage
Increased storage area is provided by folding either or
both seatbacks. With one seatback folded forward, rear
seating for another occupant is still provided. Either or
both seats may Fold and Tumble forward for more
storage space. For maximum storage, remove the head
restraint and place on the seat cushion, then fold the
seatback over the head restraint by lifting lever 1 and
tumble the seat forward by lifting lever 2.