Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

If you insert a disc with the ignition ON and the radio
OFF, the DVD will automatically be pulled into the
DVD changer and the display will show the time of
It is recommended to label home made burned discs
with a permanent marker instead of adhesive labels.
These types of labels may become loose and cause the
disc to be stuck in the DVD player. This may cause
permanent damage to the DVD mechanism.
EJECT (EJT) Button
If there is a disc in the changer, press the EJT button and
the disc will eject. If you do not remove the disc within 10
seconds, it will be reloaded and the display will show
PAUSE. The radio mode will continue to operate.
To eject additional discs from the premium version
multi-disc changer, first select the numbered button
where the disc is located and then press the EJT button.
The disc can be ejected with the radio OFF.