Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

The lights also turn on when a front door, a sliding door
or the liftgate is opened. If your vehicle is equipped with
Remote Keyless Entry, the lights will also turn on when
the unlock button on the transmitter is pressed.
The area around the instrument panel cupholders is also
illuminated from a light in the overhead console. This
light is turned on when the headlight switch is on and
will adjust in brightness when the dimmer control is
rotated up or down.
Sunglass Storage
At the rear of the overhead console, a compartment is
provided for the storage of two pair of sunglasses.
Press the door latch to open the compartment. The door
will slowly rotate to an open position.
Compass/Temperature Display
This display provides the outside temperature and one of
eight compass readings to indicate the direction the
vehicle is facing.
Even if the display still reads a few degrees above
32°F(0°C), the road surface may be icy, particularly
in woods or on bridges. Drive carefully under such
conditions to prevent an accident and possible per-
sonal injury or property damage.
Automatic Compass Calibration
This compass is self calibrating which eliminates the
need to manually set the compass. When the vehicle is
new, the compass may appear erratic and the CAL
symbol will be displayed. After completing three 360°