Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Do not put anything on or around the airbag covers
or attempt to manually open them. You may damage
the airbags and you could be injured because the
airbags are not there to protect you. These protective
covers for the airbag cushions are designed to open
only when the airbags are inflating.
If your vehicle is equipped with window bags, do
not stack luggage or other cargo up high enough to
block the location of the window bag. The area
where the window bag is located should remain free
from any obstructions.
If your vehicle is equipped with window bags, do
not have any accessory items installed which will
alter the roof, including adding a sunroof to your
vehicle. Do not add roof racks that require perma-
nent attachments (bolts or screws) for installation on
the vehicle roof. Do not drill into the roof of the
vehicle for any reason.
Along with the seat belts, front airbags work with the
instrument panel knee bolsters to provide improved
protection for the driver and front passenger. Window
bags also work with seat belts to improve occupant
The seat belts are designed to protect you in many types
of collisions. The front airbags deploy in moderate to
severe frontal collisions.
NOTE: The passenger front airbag may not deploy even
when the driver front airbag has if the Occupant Classi-
fication System (refer to Occupant Classification Sys-
tem in this section) has determined the seat is empty or
is occupied by a child.
If your vehicle is equipped, the window bag on the crash
side of the vehicle is triggered in moderate to severe side
collisions. But even in collisions where the airbags inflate,
you need the seat belts to keep you in the right position
for the airbags to protect you properly.