Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Press the TUNE control up or down to increase or
decrease the frequency. If you press and hold the button,
the radio will continue to tune until you release the
button. The frequency will be displayed and continu-
ously updated while the button is pressed.
Radio Data System (RDS)
The Radio Data System allows radio broadcasting sta-
tions to send data signals on a subcarrier frequency
which is added to the stereo signal. RDS was developed
to give FM receivers user-friendly features, such as
Program Service name (PS) and Program Type (PTY).
Program Service name is typically used by the broad-
caster to display the stations name or call letters, for
example ЉWNICЉ. Typically these are 8 characters in
length and are displayed by the radio for those stations
which are broadcasting this information. PTY (Program
Type) is used to characterize the stations program ma-
terial, for example ЉRock MusicЉ.
PTY (Program Type) Button
Pressing this button once will turn on the PTY mode for
5 seconds. If no action is taken during the 5 second time
out the PTY icon will turn off. Pressing the PTY button
within 5 seconds will allow the program format type to
be selected. Many radio stations do not currently broad-
cast PTY information.