Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

NOTE: Do not install the wheel cover on the compact
Do not use a hammer or force to install the wheel covers.
9. Lower the vehicle by turning the jack screw to the left.
10. Finish tightening the lug nuts. Push down on the
wrench while tightening for increased leverage. Alternate
lug nuts until each nut has been tightened twice. Correct
wheel nut tightness is 130 N·m (95 ft. lbs). If in doubt
about the correct tightness, have them checked with a
torque wrench by your dealer or at a service station.
11. Lower the jack to its fully closed position.
A loose tire or jack, thrown forward in a collision or
hard stop could endanger the occupants of the ve-
hicle. Always stow the jack parts and the spare tire in
the places provided.
12. Secure the flat or spare tire as follows:
If your vehicle is equipped with cast aluminum
wheels, the center cap of the wheel must be re-
moved prior to flat tire stowage. Store the center cap
inside the glove box or other storage compartment.
Turn the wheel so that the valve stem is down. Slide
the wheel retainer through the center of the wheel
and position it properly across the wheel opening.