Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

If the inside or outside door handles are used while the
power sliding door is activated, the power sliding door
feature will be canceled and the door must be opened or
closed manually.
To avoid unintentional operation of the power sliding
door from the rear seats, press the button located in the
overhead console to disable the switches for the rear seat
If anything obstructs the power sliding door while it is
closing or opening, the door will automatically reverse
to the closed or open position, provided it meets
sufficient resistance.
The drivers side sliding door cannot be opened while
the fuel door is open. This feature operates only when
the sliding door is fully closed prior to opening the
fuel door.
If the power sliding door is not in the full open or close
position, it will fully open when a power sliding door
switch is pressed. To close the door, wait until it is fully
open and then press the switch again.
The power sliding door switches will not operate if the
vehicle is in gear or the vehicle speed is above 0 mph
(0 km/h).
If the power sliding door encounters multiple obstruc-
tions within the same cycle, the system will automati-
cally stop and must be opened or closed manually.
You or others could be injured if caught in the path
of the sliding door. Make sure the door path is clear
before closing the door.