Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

by increased pedal travel during application, greater
pedal force required to slow or stop, and potential
activation of the Brake Warning Lamp.
Anti-Lock Brake System If Equipped
The Anti-Lock Brake System provides increased vehicle
stability and brake performance under most braking
conditions. The system automatically pumps the
brakes during severe braking conditions to prevent
wheel lock-up.
Pumping of the Anti-Lock Brakes will diminish
their effectiveness and may lead to an accident.
Pumping makes the stopping distance longer. Just
press firmly on your brake pedal when you need to
slow down or stop.
The ABS light monitors the Anti-Lock Brake
System. The light will come on when the
ignition switch is turned to the ON position
and may stay on for as long as four seconds.
If the ABS light remains on or comes on while driving, it
indicates that the Anti-Lock portion of the brake system
is not functioning and that service is required. However,
the conventional brake system will continue to operate
normally if the BRAKE warning light is not on.
If the ABS light is on, the brake system should be serviced
as soon as possible to restore the benefits of Anti-Lock
brakes. If the ABS light does not come on when the
Ignition switch is turned to the ON position, have the
bulb repaired as soon as possible.
If both the Brake Warning Light and the ABS Light
remain on, the Anti-Lock brakes (ABS) and Electronic
Brake Force Distribution (EBD) systems are not function-
ing. Immediate repair to the ABS system is required.