Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Radio Operation
Power/Volume Control
Press the ON/VOL control to turn the radio on. Turn the
volume control to the right to increase the volume.
NOTE: Power to operate the radio is supplied through
the ignition switch. It must be in the ON or ACC position
to operate the radio.
PTY (Program Type) Button
Pressing this button once will turn on the PTY mode for
5 seconds. If no action is taken during the 5 second time
out the PTY icon will turn off. Pressing the PTY button
within 5 seconds will allow the program format type to
be selected. Many radio stations do not currently broad-
cast PTY information.
Toggle the PTY button to select the following format
Program Type Radio Display
Adult Hits Adlt Hit
Classical Classicl
Classic Rock Cls Rock
College College
Country Country
Information Inform
Jazz Jazz
Foreign Language Language
News News
Nostalgia Nostalga
Oldies Oldies
Personality Persnlty
Public Public
Rhythm and Blues R & B
Religious Music Rel Musc
Religious Talk Rel Talk