Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Tape Player Operation
Insert the cassette with the exposed tape side toward the
right and the mechanical action of the player will gently
pull the cassette into the play position.
NOTE: When subjected to extremely cold temperatures,
the tape mechanism may require a few minutes to warm
up for proper operation. Sometimes poor playback may
be experienced due to a defective cassette tape. Clean and
demagnetize the tape heads at least twice a year.
Tape Side ٌ⌬/PTY
Pressing the ٌ⌬ button during tape mode will cause the
other side of the tape to be played. The display will
confirm the selected tape play direction. The time is
always displayed.
Press the TAPE button to select the Tape mode.
Press the SEEK button up for the next selection on the
tape and down to return to the beginning of the current
Press the SEEK button up or down to move the track
number to skip forward or backward 1 to 7 selections.
Press the SEEK button once to move 1 selection, twice to
move 2 selections, etc. the display will show the total
number of times the SEEK button was pushed. The SEEK
function will be cancelled by pressing either the FF/RW
or AM/FM button.
Fast Forward FF
Press the FF button up momentarily to advance the tape
in the direction that it is playing. The tape will advance
until the button is pressed again or the end of the tape is
reached. At the end of the tape, the tape will play in the
opposite direction.