Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Program Type Radio Display
Talk Talk
Top 40 Top 40
Weather Weather
By pressing the SEEK button when the PTY icon is
displayed, the radio will be tuned to the next frequency
station with the same selected PTY name. The PTY
function only operates when in the FM mode.
The radio display will flash SEEKand the selected PTY
program type when searching for the next PTY station. If
no station is found with the selected PTY program type,
the radio will return to the last station.
If a preset button is activated while in the PTY (Program
Type) mode, the PTY mode will be exited and the radio
will tune to the preset station.
By pressing the SCAN button when the PTY icon is
displayed, the radio will stop at every PTY station on the
band and list each corresponding program type in the
radio display.
Press the TIME button to change the display from
elapsed CD playing time to time of day.
Operating Instructions - Satellite Radio Mode (If
Refer to the Satellite Radio section of the Owners
CD Diagnostic Indicators
When driving over a very rough road, the CD player may
skip momentarily. Skipping will not damage the disc or
the player, and play will resume automatically.
As a safeguard and to protect your CD player, one of the
following warning symbols may appear on your display.