Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

22. Trac Off Indicator If Equipped
This display indicator should illuminate for approxi-
mately four seconds as a bulb check when the ignition
switch is first turned ON.
The TRAC OFF Indicator will flash if the traction
control is in use.
The TRAC OFF Indicator will illuminate if:
The Traction Control switch has been used to turn
the system OFF.
There is a Traction Control System malfunction
The system has been deactivated to prevent damage
to the brake system due to overheated brake tem-
NOTE: Extended heavy use of Traction Control may
cause the system to deactivate and turn on the TRAC and
the OFF indicators located in the instrument cluster.
This is to prevent overheating of the brake system and is
a normal condition. The system will remain disabled for
about 4 minutes until the brakes have cooled. The system
will automatically reactivate and turn off the TRAC and
the OFF indicators.
If your vehicle becomes stuck in mud, ice, or snow, turn
the Traction Control System OFF before attempting to
rock the vehicle free.
23. Odometer/Trip Odometer
The odometer shows the total distance the vehicle has
been driven.
U.S. federal regulations require that upon transfer of
vehicle ownership, the seller certify to the purchaser the
correct mileage that the vehicle has been driven. There-
fore, if the odometer reading is changed during repair or
replacement, be sure to keep a record of the reading
before and after the service so that the correct mileage can
be determined.