Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

If your air conditioning performance seems lower than
expected, check the A/C air filter and the front of the
A/C condenser for an accumulation of dirt or insects.
The A/C condenser is located in front of the radiator.
The A/C air filter is located under the instrument
panel on the passenger side.
Fabric type fascia protectors tend to block the amount
of air to the condenser and may reduce air condition-
ing performance.
Economy Mode
If economy mode is desired, press the A/C button to turn
off the indicator light, and the A/C compressor. Move the
temperature control lever to the desired temperature.
Recirculation Control
Press the recirculation button to recirculate the
air inside the vehicle. This is located next to the
A/C button. An indicator light on the button
shows that air is being recirculated. Use the
recirculation mode to rapidly cool the inside of the
vehicle. The recirculation mode can also be used to
temporarily block out outside odors, smoke, and dust.
When the ignition switch is turned OFF, the recircula-
tion feature will be cancelled.
In cold weather, use of the Recirculation mode may
lead to excessive window fogging. The Recirculation
mode is not allowed in the Mix and Defrost modes to
improve window clearing operation. Recirculation
will be disabled automatically if these modes are
If the recirculation button is pressed while in the Mix
or Defrost mode, the indicator light in the recirculation
button will flash 3 times indicating that recirculation is
not allowed.