Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

If your vehicle contains a Passenger Airbag Disable
indicator light, it will be equipped with the Occupant
Classification System (OCS). The OCS system will
classify an occupant into a size category based on
sensor readings from within the seat cushion. Occu-
pants should try to remain in a normally seated
position. If the occupants weight is transferred to
another object in the vehicle (i.e. feet on the dash-
board), the OCS may not be able to properly approxi-
mate occupant size. Furthermore, the occupant size
may appear to increase or decrease due to objects
hanging on the seat, other passengers pushing on the
seat, or objects lodged underneath the seat. Ensure
that the front passenger seat back does not touch
anything placed on the back seat because this can also
affect occupant classification. Also, if you fold down
the rear seat, check to be sure it doesnt touch the front
passenger seat.
If there is a rapid change in temperature or humidity,
the OCS may not be able to properly approximate
occupant size. If your seat including your trim cover
and cushion needs to be serviced in any way (includ-
ing removal or loosening/tightening of seat attach-
ment bolts), take the vehicle to your authorized dealer.
Only manufacturer approved seat accessories may be
If there is a fault present in the system, the AIRBAG
warning light will illuminate indicating that you should
take the vehicle to an authorized dealer. In the presence
of an occupant in the passenger seat, if both the PAD
indicator light and AIRBAG warning light are illumi-
nated the airbag will be disabled.
The ORC will not allow front airbag deployment in the
event of a collision for occupants classified into the
empty or child size categories. The PAD indicator light
will illuminate indicating that the Passenger Airbag is