Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

To arm the system: Remove the key from the ignition
switch and either:
1. Press a power door lock button while the driversor
passengers door is open.
2. Press the LOCK button on the keyless entry transmit-
After the last door is closed, or if all doors are closed, the
system will arm itself in about 16 seconds. During that
time, the Vehicle Theft Alarm/Immobilizer light will
flash. If it does not illuminate, the system is not arming.
If you open a door during this arming period, the system
will cancel the arming process. You must repeat one of
the previously described arming sequences to rearm the
To disarm the system: Press the UNLOCK button on the
keyless entry transmitter. Also, using a valid sentry key
and moving the ignition switch to the ON/START posi-
tion will disarm the system. If you disarm the system and
access the liftgate area, the system must be rearmed, as
described previously, when closing the liftgate. If some-
thing has triggered the system in your absence, the horn
will sound three times when you disarm the system.
Check the vehicle for tampering.
The drivers door and liftgate key cylinders cannot
arm or disarm the system.
Once the alarm is set, and the liftgate button on the
keyless entry transmitter is pressed, on a non-power
liftgate vehicle, you have a 30 second one time access
into the liftgate area. If the liftgate is not opened within
30 seconds the liftgate will remain locked.