Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Drivers must be careful when backing up even when
using the Rear Park Assist System. Always check
carefully behind your vehicle, look behind you, and
be sure to check for pedestrians, other vehicles,
obstructions, and blind spots before backing up.
Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury
or death.
The display contains two sets of yellow and red LEDs
that the driver can see in the rear view mirror. Each side
of the vehicle has its own warning LEDs. The system
provides a visual warning by illuminating one or more
yellow LEDs as the vehicle gets closer to the object. As
the vehicle continues to approaches the object, one red
LED is illuminated and the system emits a series of short
beeps. The tone will remain constant and both red LEDs
are illuminated once the vehicle is within 12 inches (30.5
cm) of the object.
The system can be turned on or off through the electronic
vehicle information center (EVIC) when the vehicle is in
PARK. If the rear park assist system is turned off, a single
chime will sound and the EVIC will display the following
message REAR PARK ASSIST OFF, when the vehicle is
in reverse.
Ensure that the rear bumper is free of dirt and debris
to keep the system operating properly.
Jackhammers, large trucks, and other vibrations could
affect the performance of the system.
If Service Park Assist System appears in the EVIC after
making sure the rear bumper is clean please see your
authorized dealer.