Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Driving with a hot engine cooling system could
damage your vehicle. If temperature gauge reads (H),
pull over and stop the vehicle. Idle the vehicle with
the air conditioner turned off until the pointer drops
back into the normal range. If the pointer remains on
the H, and you hear continuous chimes, turn the
engine off immediately, and call for service.
A hot engine cooling system is dangerous. You or
others could be badly burned by steam or boiling
coolant. You may want to call a service center if your
vehicle overheats. If you decide to look under the
hood yourself, see Section 7 of this manual. Follow
the warnings under the Cooling System Pressure
Cap paragraph.
17. Washer Fluid Light
This light turns on when the washer fluid level
falls below approximately 1/4 filled. The light will
remain on until fluid is added.
18. Transmission Range Indicator
This display indicator shows the automatic transaxle gear