Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

To reinstall the console, open the console lid and remove
the storage tray. Pull up on the release handle and slide
the console forward to engage the front of the console
into the floor tray. Pivot the floor console down until it is
seated on the floor tray and release the handle. Pull up on
the console to be sure it is firmly attached.
In an accident, serious injury could result if the
removable floor console is not properly installed.
Always be sure the removable floor console is fully
Cell Phone Holder Removal
1. Open the floor console lid and lift the cell phone
holder upward.
2. Squeeze the legs together to disengage the holder from
the floor console and remove the cell phone holder.
To reinstall the cell phone holder, align the pivot legs into
the guides and push forward to snap the legs into place.
Removable Floor Console Without Fold-in-Floor
Seating If Equipped
The removable floor console has a power outlet, storage
tray, light, cell phone holder, tissue holder, and a map
holder. It can be placed between either the front seats or
middle seats.
NOTE: When the console is located between the front
seats the outlet is protected by an automatic circuit
breaker and is powered directly from the battery, items
plugged into this outlet may discharge the battery
and/or prevent engine starting.