Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Operation of the system is quite simple. Begin by press-
ing the auto rocker switch to the HI or LO position,
the word AUTO will illuminate in the front ATC
display along with HI or LO. The system will then
automatically regulate the amount of air flow. Next, dial
in the temperature you would like the system to maintain
by pressing the drivers or passengers temperature con-
trol button. The rear temperature can only be adjusted
from the front when the REAR SYSTEM knob on the
front ATC unit is in the AUTO position. Once the
desired temperature is displayed, the system will achieve
and maintain that comfort level automatically. When the
system is set up for your comfort level, it is not necessary
to change the settings. You will experience the greatest
efficiency by simply allowing the system to function
It is not necessary to move the temperature settings for
cold or hot vehicles. The system automatically adjusts
the temperature, mode and fan speed to provide
comfort as quickly as possible.
The temperature can be displayed in U.S. or Metric by
selecting the US/M customer programmable feature.
Refer to the Overhead Console-Customer Program-
mable Features in Section 3 of this manual.
To provide you with maximum comfort in the automatic
mode, during cold start-ups the blower fan will remain
Three-Zone Automatic Temperature Control