Chrysler 2005 Town and Country Automobile User Manual

Convenience Tray And Optional Smokers
Package Kit
Located between the instrument panel cupholders is a
convenience tray that has been designed to hold miscel-
laneous small items.
NOTE: The convenience tray should never be used for
ashes without the optional ash receiver in place. Perma-
nent burn marks may result.
With the optional dealer installed Smokers package, a
removable ash receiver is inserted into the convenience
tray location. To install the ash receiver, slide the forward
edge into the convenience tray opening and push down
to lock it into position. For cleaning of the ash receiver, its
removal is accomplished by inserting the end of a key in
the pry slot that is molded into the rear edge of the ash
receiver and then twisting the key slightly.
Rear Cupholders
There are dual stationary cupholders located in the
passenger side rear trim panel and a single stationary cup
holder on the driver side rear trim panel.
There are also dual underseat cupholders for the 2nd seat
passengers. With a bench seat in the 2nd seat position
these cupholders slide out from under the center of the