Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Flash-To-Pass Feature
This feature lets you use your high-beam headlamps to
signal a driver in front of you that you want to pass. It
works even if your headlamps are off.
To use it, pull the turn signal lever toward you, but not
so far that you hear a click.
If your headlamps are off or on low beam, your
-beam headlamps will turn on. They’ll stay on as
long as you hold the lever toward you and the
-beam indicator on the dash will come on. Release
the lever to turn the high
-beam headlamps off.
Windshield Wipers
You control the windshield wipers by turning the band
marked WIPER.
For a single wiping cycle, turn the band to MIST. Hold
it there until the wipers start, then let go. The wipers will
stop after one cycle. If you want more cycles, hold the
band on MIST longer.
Use the delay position to set the wiper speed for a long or
short delay between wipes. This can be very useful in light
rain or snow. Turn the band to choose the delay time. The
closer to LO, the shorter the delay between wipes.
For steady wiping at low speed, turn the band away
from you to the LO position. For high
-speed wiping,
turn the band further, to HI. To stop the wipers, turn the
band to OFF.
Remember that damaged wiper blades may prevent
you from seeing well enough to drive safely. To
avoid damage, be sure to clear ice and snow from the
wiper blades before using them. If they’re frozen to
the windshield, carefully loosen or thaw them. If
your blades become damaged, get new blades or
blade inserts.
Heavy snow or ice can overload your wiper motor. A
circuit breaker will stop the motor until it cools. Clear
away snow or ice to prevent an overload.