Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Ventilation Tips
Keep the hood and front air inlet free of ice, snow or
any other obstruction such as leaves. The heater and
defroster will work better, reducing the chance of
fogging your windows.
Keep the air path under the front seats clear of
objects. This helps air to circulate throughout
your vehicle.
Passenger Compartment Air Filter
Passenger compartment air, both outside air and
recirculated air, is routed through a passenger
compartment filter, which is part of a three piece filter
system. The filter removes certain particles from the air,
including pollen and dust particles. Reductions in
airflow, which may occur more quickly in dusty areas,
indicate that the filter needs to be replaced early.
The particle filter is located inside the air control module
with an access panel underneath the instrument panel near
the accelerator pedal. The filter should be replaced as part
of routine scheduled maintenance. See “Maintenance
Schedule” in the Index for replacement intervals. See your
dealer for details on changing the filter.
Once you remove your filter, if you choose not to
replace it, it will not damage your vehicle. However, the
air will no longer be filtered.