Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

When to Check
Check your tires once a month or more.
Don’t forget your compact spare tire. It should be at
60 psi (420 kPa).
How to Check
Use a good quality pocket
-type gage to check tire
pressure. You can’t tell if your tires are properly inflated
simply by looking at them. Radial tires may look
properly inflated even when they’re underinflated.
Be sure to put the valve caps back on the valve
stems. They help prevent leaks by keeping out dirt
and moisture.
Check Tire Pressure System (If Equipped)
The check tire pressure system can alert you to a large
change in the pressure of one tire. The system won’t alert
you before you drive that a tire is low or flat. You must
begin driving before the system will work properly.
will appear on the Driver Information Center (DIC) if
pressure in one tire becomes at least 10 psi (69 kPa)
lower or higher than the other three tires. The check tire
pressure system won’t alert you if more than one tire is
low or high, or if the system is not calibrated properly. It
also won’t tell you which tire is low or high.
If the anti
-lock brake system warning light comes on,
the check tire pressure system may not be working
properly. See your dealer for service. (Also, see
-Lock Brake System Warning Light” in the Index.)
The check tire pressure system detects differences in tire
rotation speeds that are caused by changes in tire pressure.
The system can alert you about a low tire
-- but it doesn’t
replace normal tire maintenance. See “Tires” in the Index.