Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

If your key seems stuck in LOCK and you can’t
turn it, be sure you are using the correct key; if
so, is it all the way in? If it is, then turn the
steering wheel left and right while you turn the
key hard. But turn the key only with your hand.
Using a tool to force it could break the key or the
ignition switch. If none of this works, then your
vehicle needs service.
Key Reminder Warning
If you leave your key in the ignition, with the engine off,
you will hear a warning chime when you open the
driver’s door.
Retained Accessory Power
After you turn the ignition off and even remove the key,
you will still have electrical power to such accessories
as the radio, astroroof and power windows for up to 10
minutes. Power is shut off if you open a door.
Starting Your Engine
Move your shift lever to PARK (P) or NEUTRAL (N).
Your engine won’t start in any other position
-- that’s a
safety feature. To restart when you’re already moving,
use NEUTRAL (N) only.
Don’t try to shift to PARK (P) if your vehicle is
moving. If you do, you could damage the
transaxle. Shift to PARK (P) only when your
vehicle is stopped.
1. Without pushing the accelerator pedal, turn your
ignition key to START. When the engine starts, let
go of the key. The idle speed will go down as your
engine gets warm.