Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Comfort Controls
This section tells you how to operate your comfort
controls. Your comfort control system uses
ozone-friendly R-134a refrigerant.
With these systems, you can control the heating, cooling
and ventilation in your vehicle. Your vehicle also has a
-through ventilation system described later in
this section.
Personal Choice Comfort Controls
(If Equipped)
This feature allows two different drivers to store and
recall their own climate control settings for temperature,
air delivery mode, fan and passenger climate control
(on/off) status. The Personal Choice settings recalled are
determined by the transmitter used to enter the vehicle.
After the UNLOCK button of a remote keyless entry
transmitter is pressed, and the ignition is in RUN, the
climate control will adjust to the last settings of the
identified driver. The settings can also be changed by
pressing one of the MEMORY buttons (1 or 2) located
on the driver’s door, until you hear two beeps. When
adjustments are made, the new settings are automatically
saved for the driver.
Dual Automatic ComforTemp
Climate Control
Your vehicle has the dual automatic comfortemp climate
control system. The following information tells you how
it works.
You will hear a beep each time a button is pushed and a
small light on the button will indicate which buttons are
active. The lights are on all buttons except TEMP, FAN
and AIR FLOW. The display will show fan speed,
comfort level setting and airflow direction for a few
seconds whenever any button, except for the rear defog,
is pushed, and then it will display the outside
temperature. The outside temperature reading is most
accurate when the vehicle is moving.
During stops, when driving slow, or when the engine is
first started after a short trip, the outside temperature
reading can be affected by road or engine heat. Also,
starting the engine within a short time after the vehicle
has been running will affect the reading. To ensure
proper automatic climate control operation, the
outside temperature display may not update as quickly
as expected.