Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Care of the HUD
Clean the inside of the windshield as necessary to
remove any dirt or film that reduces the sharpness or
clarity of the HUD image.
To clean the HUD lens, spray household glass cleaner
on a soft, clean cloth. Gently wipe and dry the HUD
lens. Do not spray cleaner directly on the lens to avoid
cleaner leaking inside the unit.
If You Can’t See The HUD Image When the
Ignition is On
If the ignition is on and you can’t see the HUD image,
check to see if:
The headlamps are on.
Something is covering the HUD unit.
The HUD dimmer control is adjusted properly.
The HUD image is adjusted to the proper height.
A fuse is blown. See “Fuses and Circuit Breakers” in
the Index.
Keep in mind that your windshield is part of the HUD
system. If you ever have to have your windshield
replaced, be sure to get one that is designed for HUD or
your HUD image may look blurred or out of focus.
Driver Information Center (DIC)
(If Equipped)
Your vehicle may be equipped with a Driver Information
Center (DIC). The DIC will display information about
how your vehicle is functioning, as well as warning
messages if a system problem is detected.
The following buttons are
on the DIC control panel
which is located to the left
of the steering column:
ODO/TRIP: Use this button to display your total and
trip miles.
FUEL INFO: Press this button to display fuel
information such as fuel used, fuel range and
fuel economy.