Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Automatic Operation
Press the AUTO button when you want the system to
automatically adjust to changes in the temperature.
When the system is set for automatic operation, air will
come from the floor, middle or windshield outlets
depending on the temperature inside the vehicle, the
outside temperature and sun load. Fan speed will vary as
the system gets to and maintains the comfort setting you
have selected through the use of the TEMP button.
To find your comfort setting, start with the system
in AUTO mode and the TEMP button adjusted to a
display of 75 F (24 C), give the vehicle about
20 minutes to stabilize, and adjust your comfort
setting if necessary, by using the TEMP button. The
display will show the comfort setting, fan speed and
airflow direction for a few seconds, and then it will
display the outside temperature.
In cold weather, the system will delay turning the fan on
high, to avoid blowing cold air. The length of the delay
depends on the engine coolant temperature and the
outside temperature. Pushing the FAN, AIR FLOW or
FRONT buttons will override this delay, turn off the
AUTO setting and change the fan speed.
Manual Operation
You may also manually adjust the air delivery or
fan speed.
AIR FLOW: This button is used to change the direction
of the airflow. The airflow choices available are
-MID, MID and
-FLOOR. If the system is set for AUTO,
pressing the AIR FLOW button will display the current
airflow direction, the comfort setting and the fan speed.
Press the AIR FLOW up or down button again to
change the direction of the airflow.
If the AIR FLOW up button is selected while in the
FRONT defrost mode, the system will direct the air
toward the mid
-position. If the AIR FLOW down button
is selected while in the FRONT defrost mode, the
system will direct the air toward the FLOOR, and the
FRONT defrost mode will cancel. Notice the arrows in
the display.
OFF: If the passenger comfort control is turned on, it can
be turned off by pressing the OFF button once. Pressing
the OFF button a second time will turn off the main
system. Turning off the main system causes the fan to turn
off and the airflow to be directed to the floor. The system
will still try to keep the interior of the vehicle at the
previous chosen comfort setting. The outside temperature
will show on the display when the system is off.