Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Parking Lots
If you park in a lot where someone will be watching
your vehicle, it’s best to lock it up and take your keys.
But what if you have to leave your ignition key?
If possible, park in a busy, well lit area.
Put your valuables in a storage area, like your
trunk or glove box. Be sure to close and lock the
storage area.
Close all windows.
Move the trunk release lockout switch to LK (Lock).
Lock the glove box.
Lock all doors except the driver’s.
Give the valet key to the valet. Then take the master
key and remote keyless entry transmitter with you.
Content Theft-Deterrent System
Your vehicle is equipped
with a Content
Theft-Deterrent alarm
system. With this system,
the SECURITY light will
flash as you open the door
(if your ignition is off).
This light reminds you to activate the theft
system. Here’s how to do it:
1. Open the door.
2. Lock the door with the power door lock switch or the
remote keyless entry transmitter. The SECURITY
light should come on and stay on.
3. Close all doors. The SECURITY light should go off
after approximately 30 seconds. The alarm is not
armed until the SECURITY light goes off.
If a door is opened without the key or the remote
keyless entry transmitter, the alarm will go off. Your
vehicle’s lamps will flash and the horn will sound for
30 seconds. The lamps and horn will then turn off to
save battery power.