Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Courtesy Rental Vehicle
When your vehicle is unavailable due to overnight
warranty repairs, your dealer may arrange to provide you
with a courtesy rental vehicle or reimburse you for a rental
vehicle you obtained, at actual cost, up to a maximum of
$30.00 per day supported by receipts. This requires that
you sign and complete a rental agreement and meet state,
local and rental vehicle provider requirements.
Requirements vary and may include minimum age
requirements, insurance coverage, credit card, etc. You are
responsible for fuel usage charges and may also be
responsible for taxes, levies, usage fees, excessive mileage
or rental usage beyond the completion of the repair.
Generally it is not possible to provide a like
-vehicle as a
courtesy rental.
Additional Program Information
Courtesy Transportation is available during the
-to-Bumper warranty coverage period, but it is not
part of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. A separate
booklet entitled “Warranty and Owner Assistance
Information” furnished with each new vehicle provides
detailed warranty coverage information.
Courtesy Transportation is available only at
participating dealerships and all program options, such
as shuttle service, may not be available at every dealer.
Please contact your dealer for specific information about
availability. All Courtesy Transportation arrangements
will be administered by appropriate dealer personnel.
Canadian Vehicles: For warranty repairs during the
Complete Vehicle Coverage period of the General
Motors of Canada New Vehicle Limited Warranty,
alternative transportation may be available under the
Courtesy Transportation Program. Please consult your
dealer for details.
General Motors reserves the right to unilaterally modify,
change or discontinue Courtesy Transportation at any
time and to resolve all questions of claim eligibility
pursuant to the terms and conditions described herein at
its sole discretion.
General Motors and participating dealerships reserve
the right to deny a rental vehicle to anyone not
possessing a valid motor vehicle operators license in
their name, anyone who is under the influence of alcohol
or drugs, or anyone whose mental or physical abilities
are impaired so as to be unable to operate a motor
vehicle safely.
Warranty Information
Your vehicle comes with a separate warranty booklet
that contains detailed warranty information.