Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

After replacing the battery in your transmitter, or if only
the instant alarm works, the transmitter needs to be
resynchronized to the receiver. Do this by pressing and
holding both the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons at the
same time for about eight seconds. You must be within
range of the vehicle.
Once the transmitter has been resynchronized, the horn
will chirp and the exterior lamps will flash once. The
system should now operate properly.
It can be dangerous to drive with the trunk lid
open because carbon monoxide (CO) gas can
come into your vehicle. You can’t see or smell
CO. It can cause unconsciousness and even death.
If you must drive with the trunk lid open or if
electrical wiring or other cable connections must
pass through the seal between the body and the
trunk lid:
CAUTION: (Continued)
CAUTION: (Continued)
Make sure all other windows are shut.
Turn the fan on your heating or cooling
system to its highest speed with the setting
on any airflow selection except RECIRC.
That will force outside air into your vehicle.
See “Comfort Controls” in the Index.
If you have air outlets on or under the
instrument panel, open them all the way.
See “Engine Exhaust” in the Index.
Trunk Lock Release
To unlock the trunk from the outside, insert the master
door/ignition key and turn it.
Remote Trunk Release
Press the TRUNK release button located to the left of
the steering column to release the trunk lid.
The trunk will open if the transaxle is in PARK (P) or
NEUTRAL (N) and the trunk release lockout is in the
unlocked position.