Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Care of Your Compact Disc Player
The use of CD lens cleaner discs is not advised, due to
the risk of contaminating the lens of the CD optics with
lubricants internal to the CD mechanism.
Heated Backlite Antenna
Your AM-FM antenna is integrated with your rear
window defogger, located in the rear window. Be sure
that the inside surface of the rear window is not
scratched and that the lines on the glass are not
damaged. If the inside surface is damaged, it could
interfere with radio reception.
Do not apply aftermarket glass tinting. The metallic film
in some tinting materials will interfere with or distort the
incoming radio reception.
Do not try to clear frost or other material from
the inside of the rear window with a razor blade
or anything else that is sharp. This may damage
the rear defogger grid and affect your radio’s
ability to pick up stations clearly. The repairs
wouldn’t be covered by your warranty.
If, when you turn on your rear window defogger, you
hear static on your radio station, it could mean that a
defogger grid line has been damaged. If this is true, the
grid line must be repaired.
If you choose to add a cellular telephone to your vehicle,
and the antenna needs to be attached to the glass, be sure
that you do not damage the grid lines for the AM
antenna. Be sure the antenna does not touch a grid line.