Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Express-Down Window
The switch for the driver’s window has an express
feature. Pull the switch back all the way, release it and the
window will lower automatically. To stop the window
from lowering, pull the switch again. To partially open the
window, pull the switch back half way. When the switch is
released, the window will stop moving. To raise the
window, press and hold the switch forward.
Window Lock
Press the window lock switch on the driver’s armrest to
disable all passenger window switches, or just the rear
passenger switches. The middle of the switch will light
to indicate the window lockout is active.
The driver’s window controls will still be operable. This is
a useful feature when you have children as passengers.
Press the window lock switch a second time to allow
passengers to use their window controls again. The light
in the center of the switch will go off to indicate that the
feature is disabled.
Vehicles are delivered programmed to lock out all
passenger windows. If you have the optional DIC, you can
choose to lock out only the rear windows. See “Personal
Choice Features” or “Driver Information Center” in the
Index for programming instructions. If you do not have the
DIC feature, see your dealer if you choose to have this
setting changed to lock out only the rear windows.
Nearly the entire surface of the center pad of the
steering wheel is an active horn switch. Press on the pad
near the horn symbols to sound the horn.
Tilt Wheel
A tilt steering wheel allows
you to adjust the steering
wheel before you drive.
You can also raise it to the highest level to give your
legs more room when you exit and enter the vehicle.
To tilt the wheel, hold the steering wheel and pull
the lever toward you. Move the steering wheel to a
comfortable position, then release the lever to lock the
wheel in place.