Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Use a clean cloth or sponge, and change to a
clean area often. A soft brush may be used if stains
are stubborn.
If a ring forms on fabric after spot cleaning, clean the
entire area immediately or it will set.
Using Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner
on Fabric
1. Vacuum and brush the area to remove any loose dirt.
2. Always clean a whole trim panel or section. Mask
surrounding trim along stitch or welt lines.
3. Mix powdered cleaner following the directions on
the container label to form thick suds.
4. Use suds only and apply with a clean sponge. Don’t
saturate the material and don’t rub it roughly.
5. As soon as you’ve cleaned the section, use a sponge
to remove the suds.
6. Wipe cleaned area with a clean, damp towel or cloth.
7. Wipe with a clean cloth and let dry.
Special Fabric Cleaning Problems
Stains caused by such things as catsup, coffee (black),
egg, fruit, fruit juice, milk, soft drinks, vomit, urine and
blood can be removed as follows:
1. Carefully scrape off excess stain, then sponge the
soiled area with cool water.
2. If a stain remains, follow the multi
-purpose interior
cleaner instructions described earlier.
3. If an odor lingers after cleaning vomit or urine,
treat the area with a water/baking soda solution:
1 teaspoon (5 ml) of baking soda to 1 cup (250 ml)
of lukewarm water.
4. Let dry.
Stains caused by candy, ice cream, mayonnaise, chili
sauce and unknown stains can be removed as follows:
1. Carefully scrape off excess stain.
2. First, clean with cool water and allow to
dry completely.
3. If a stain remains, follow instructions for
Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner.