Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Although the HUD image appears to be near the
front of the vehicle, do not use it as a parking aid.
The HUD was not designed for that purpose. If
you try to use the display as a marker for the
front of your vehicle, such as in a parking lot, you
may misjudge distance and hit an obstacle or
another vehicle.
The HUD controls
are located in the
overhead console.
1. Start your engine and slide the HUD dimmer control
all the way up.
The brightness of the HUD image is determined by
whether the headlamps are on or off, and where you
have the HUD dimmer control set.
2. Adjust the seat to your driving position. Slide the
image height adjuster control all the way up, raising
the image as far as possible.
3. Now slide the image height adjuster control down so
the image is as low as possible but still in full view.
4. Slide the dimmer control downward until the HUD
image is no brighter than necessary.
To turn the HUD display off, slide the dimmer control
all the way down.
If the sun comes out, the sky becomes cloudy, or if you
turn your headlamps on, you may need to adjust the
HUD brightness using the dimmer control. Polarized
sunglasses could make the HUD image harder to see.
To change the display from English to metric units,
push the ENG/MET button located to the left of the
steering column.