Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Rear Seat Pass Through
Your vehicle is equipped with a rear storage armrest
with a pass
-through feature that allows for trunk access.
Pull the rear armrest down, then push down on the trunk
access panel latch to open the panel. To close, push the
access panel until it latches.
Convenience Net
Your vehicle has a convenience net. You’ll see it just
inside the back wall of the trunk.
Put small loads, like grocery bags, behind the net. It can
help keep them from falling over during sharp turns or
quick starts and stops.
The net isn’t for larger, heavier loads. Store them in the
trunk as far forward as you can.
You can unhook the net so that it will lie flat when
you’re not using it.
Ashtrays and Cigarette Lighter
Front Ashtray
The front ashtray may be removed for cleaning. To
remove, grasp the sides and pull forward.
Rear Ashtray
The rear ashtrays are located on each rear door panel. To
remove the rear ashtray, open the lid and ease the
ashtray upward until the edge can be grasped to pull the
ashtray up and out.
Don’t put papers or other flammable things
into your ashtrays. Hot cigarettes or other
smoking materials could ignite them, causing a
damaging fire.