Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Front Center Console (Option)
Your vehicle may have a center console that opens to
two storage compartments. The front of the console has
two cupholders that can be unfolded for use. Flip the
center of the console forward to use the built
-in writing
surface on top of the lid.
You will also find an auxiliary power outlet located inside
the storage compartment and one on the lower front edge
of the console. These outlets can be used for accessories
requiring electrical power, such as a cellular phone or fax
machine. See “Auxiliary Power Outlets” in the Index.
The console also contains a removeable coinholder as
well as storage for cassette tapes and compact discs.
Rear Storage Armrest
Your vehicle’s rear seat armrest contains two
cupholders. To access the cupholders, pull the armrest
down from the rear seatback.
Some models may also include a storage area inside the
armrest. To open it, pull up on the lever at the front edge
of the armrest.