Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Cigarette Lighter
There are cigarette lighters near the front and rear
ashtrays. To use one, push it in all the way and let go.
When it’s ready, it will pop back by itself.
If you hold a cigarette lighter in with your hand
while it is heating, it won’t be able to back away
from the heating element when it’s ready. That
can make it overheat, damaging the lighter and
the heating element.
Sun Visors
Illuminated Visor Vanity Mirror
Your vehicle has illuminated visor vanity mirrors. When
you open the visor vanity mirror by pulling up, the
lamps turn on.
The brightness of the lamps can be adjusted by sliding
the switch. Your vehicle may also have visor vanity
mirrors for the rear seat passengers.
To block out glare, swing down the visors. The larger
sun visor can be removed from the center mount and
moved to the side, while the auxiliary sun visor remains
to block glare from the front.
The front side of the driver’s sun visor also contains a
pocket for map storage.