Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

When it’s dark enough outside, your high-beam
headlamps will change to low
-beam headlamps at full
brightness. The other lamps that turn on with your
headlamps will also turn on. When it’s bright enough
outside, the regular lamps will turn off, and your
high-beam headlamps change to the reduced brightness
of DRL.
To idle your vehicle with the DRL off, shift the
transaxle into PARK (P). The DRL will stay off until
you shift out of PARK (P).
To turn off all exterior lighting at night when you are
parked, turn off the headlamps and move the twilight
sentinel control all the way to the left in the slider
control. When released, the control will return to the
twilight sentinel minimum delay position and the lights
will turn off.
As with any vehicle, you should turn on the regular
headlamp system when you need it.
Cornering Lamps
The cornering lamps are designed to come on when you
signal a turn. This will provide more light for cornering
at night.
Twilight Sentinel
Twilight Sentinel turns
your headlamps on and
off by sensing how dark it
is outside.
To operate this feature, slide
the control to any position
to vary the lamp timeout.
If you move the control all the way to MAX, your lamps
will remain on for three minutes after you turn off your
engine. If you move the control almost all the way in the
other direction, so it’s just on, the lamps will go off
quickly when you turn off your engine. You can set this
delay time from only a few seconds to three minutes.
Light Sensor
Your twilight sentinel and daytime running lamps work
with the light sensor on top of the instrument panel.
Don’t cover it up. If you do, it will read “dark” and the
headlamps will come on.