Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

3. Replace the air filter.
4. Reattach the air intake hose.
5. Reinstall the air cleaner housing cover.
Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine when to
replace the air filter.
See “Scheduled Maintenance Services” in the Index.
Operating the engine with the air cleaner/filter
off can cause you or others to be burned. The air
cleaner not only cleans the air, it stops flame if
the engine backfires. If it isn’t there, and the
engine backfires, you could be burned. Don’t
drive with it off, and be careful working on the
engine with the air cleaner/filter off.
If the air cleaner/filter is off, a backfire can cause
a damaging engine fire. And, dirt can easily get
into your engine, which will damage it. Always
have the air cleaner/filter in place when
you’re driving.