Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Short Trip/City Scheduled Maintenance
60,000 Miles (100 000 km)
Change engine oil and filter (or every 3 months, whichever occurs first).
An Emission Control Service. (See footnote *.)
Lubricate chassis components (or every 6 months, whichever occurs first).
(See footnote #.)
Replace passenger compartment air filter.
Inspect engine accessory drive belt.
An Emission Control Service.
Replace air cleaner filter.
An Emission Control Service.
Inspect fuel tank, cap and lines for damage or leaks. Inspect fuel cap gasket
for any damage. Replace parts as needed.
An Emission Control Service. (See footnote .)
For supercharged engines only: Check the supercharger oil level and add oil as
needed (or every 36 months, whichever occurs first). See “Recommended
Fluids and Lubricants” in this section.
An Emission Control Service. (See footnote .)
Rotate tires. See “Tire Inspection and Rotation” in the Index for proper
rotation pattern and additional information. (See footnote +.)