Buick 1999 Park Avenue Automobile User Manual

Supercharged Engine (If Equipped)
Your vehicle may have a 3800 Supercharged engine.
Supercharging, rather than turbocharging, emphasizes
smooth, refined power.
The supercharger is a device designed to pump more air
into the engine than it would normally use. This air
mixed with fuel creates increased engine power. Since
the supercharger is a pump and is driven from an engine
accessory drive belt, increased pressure is available in
all driving conditions.
The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) works with a
vacuum control to regulate the increased pressure
required during specific driving conditions. When this
increased pressure or boost is not desired, such as during
idling and light throttle cruising, the excess air that the
supercharger is pumping is routed through a bypass. All
of these controls working together provide high
performance character and fuel efficiency in the 3800
V6 Supercharged engine.
Engine Oil
If you have the Driver Information Center, an ENGINE
-CHECK LEVEL message will appear when
the engine oil is approximately 1 quart (1L) low. If the
message is displayed, check the dipstick level and add
oil as needed.
It’s a good idea to check your engine oil every time you
get fuel. In order to get an accurate reading, the oil must
be warm and the vehicle must be on level ground.